Areteem Institute, founded in 2004, is transforming education for a global community with its WASC accredited programs in math, sciences and humanities for K-12 students and teachers, and up to 2 year college students. Areteem adopts a blended learning method and environment. Students can utilize on-site classrooms, self-paced classes and virtual interactive classrooms. With the online class environment, students and teachers are able to see one another and communicate through enabled voice chat and our interactive whiteboard, a unique and invaluable asset that promotes a natural learning environment. Areteem Teachers Institute, begun in 2010, has successfully trained teachers from the U.S. and around the world. Areteem also offers academic boot camps for students motivated to never stop learning. Areteem’s Summer Camps Programs are held on university campuses, such as UCLA, University of Chicago and Boston College.  The Camps offer students the chance to explore Educational and Career tracks to best prepare them for college and the global workforce beyond. For more information go to www.Areteem.org.