We are offering you the chance to invest in an incredibly exciting project. One which we think not only represents a fantastic investment opportunity, but one that will also prove to be highly profitable. For the last 30 years, the Argyle Mine in Australia has produced more coloured diamonds than any other source on earth. However, due to the escalating costs of extraction, Rio Tinto – the current owners of the mine, have announced that it will cease operations in 2020.

Currently Rio Tinto’s annual tender of coloured diamonds is the most prestigious of it’s kind and the Argyle Mine itself is the only known source of natural pink diamonds. With demand for these precious stones starting to soar, we are trying to raise a total of £3 million to purchase and acquire these diamonds for our commercial projects.

Investors will receive quarterly fixed payments, the amount of which will depend on the level they have invested and there will be 3 options in regard to contract length.