Aria is a unique and revolutionary new service that provides a “This Is Your Life” approach to memory care.  While music is a part of Aria’s program, it’s not the main focus. Some think of Aria as “music therapists”, but they are not. Aria is much more.  

What makes Aria so unique is the level of personalization in the memory care sessions they conduct.  Imagine your elderly loved one seeing images of the high school gymnasium they once took gym class in, or perhaps seeing images of the very neighborhood block they grew up on.  Imagine them not just hearing music, but hearing carefully selected songs that were their favorite as a teen, along with images and history of the artists that performed those songs. If they were in the military, imagine them seeing pictures they may have never seen before of the very solders they were stationed with. Imagine them viewing real newspaper clippings of major headline events of their younger years. They even get to hold actual antiques from their past. No two Aria sessions are the same.  Each session is meticulously personalized to the glorious life that individual has lived.