Ariel Partners was founded in 2000 by technology experts who continue to be deeply involved in the local NYC IT Community as well as open-source projects, commercial product user groups, and worldwide technology conferences. Ariel staff have presented papers and given talks, and several team members are well-known contributors to high profile Apache open source projects in ubiquitous use today. This involvement has proven over the years to be a key success factor for Ariel, as top technologists generally want to work with other top technologists.


´╗┐Several Ariel staff members are current or former contributors to various open source technologies, and remain active in open source communities sponsored by Apache, GitHub, SourceForge, Stack Overflow, and the like.  Ariel consultants have introduced numerous best practices including agile, development operations, continuous integration, continuous deployment, automated code-level testing, automated GUI-level testing, automated infrastructure configuration and validation, process automation, and document generation.