Aristocracy Caters to Key Affluent Persons, Adhering to Eclectic, Eccentric and NQR Lifestyles. Such individuals reflect true 'Royalty' in a most fitting time and place appropriate setting. Aristocracy is there to capture their stories.

Aristocracy Lifestyle and Personality Magazine - Includes the Affluent 'Not Quite Royal' Influencers As Well. Spanning Across Many Industries and Around the World, We Also Cover 'Their' Lives, Stories, and Goals - Focusing on How They Impact the World!

'Covering Royal Lives, and Their Legacy."

Aristocracy, the Unique Niche Lifestyle and Personality Magazine is an Exclusive (by invite only) Mouth Piece for the Very Privately and Nearly Secret Royal Personalities who Rarely Give Interviews or Appearances.

Launching Their European and West African Versions of Their Quite Exclusive & Privileged Magazine 'Globally'; With announcements via the Very Prestigious Aristocracy Strategic Marketing Group, Roku, iHeart Radio, HotNoize and Petrie Magazine (Royal) under Temporary Partnership with Petrie Magazine's World Coverage... We Can Only Imagine What Aristocracy Will Do Next!

This Media Blitz Will Result in Aristocracy Amassing a Reach of Global Scale and Proportion - Within Five Days of February 15, 2018.

Said to have originally been ahead of their time... Back in 1999, Aristocracy managed to gather some of the most interesting details of the intimate lives of Royalty across the globe. In times when the general public had no real passion for the mystery of Royals, the magazine closed their doors in 2005. CBN NEWS

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King Francisco Manoel, King Javier Gold Ferrari, King DuBois, HRH Raja Remigius Kanagarajah Jaffna (Raja - King), Queen Munni Irone, Queen Sophie Melody, Prince Yomi Garnett I Dr. Yomi Garnett, Prince Ahmad Al Maktoum, Prince Ron Baldridge (my most dearest incredible cousin)
Hirh Prince Shams Panhwar, Prince Roger De Brus, Prince Africa Zulu,
Prince Panezi Pouweedeou, HRH Princess Pope-Friedman, Prince Robert Morris, Prince Naeem, Prince Amir Bin Abdullahaziz Al Saud, Prince Malay de Sunderbans, Prince Cliff, Prince Thompson,Prince Abdo Prince,Prince Sar Alain Andrianavalona,Princess Leith Eaton,Princess Samantha Kennedy,Princess Toyin Audrey Onagoruwa, Princess Francesca Gioia Drommi, Princess Aneesah Perkins (my most dearest amazing doll-cousin), Princess Pope-Friedman (Olivia Pope), His Excellence Youness Fathi, Her Excellency Madame Ambassador Tamie Collins Markee
His Excellency Sir Ambassador Modiga Constantin,