Arizona Records Storage Center, ARSC, is a member of the 2-20 family of companies providing Smart Storage Solutions® throughout Arizona.

Founded in 1994, the genesis for ARSC began when its owner, Mark Womack, discovered physicians storing their medical records in self-storage units. There was a need for a more sophisticated solution that not only protected the records, but allowed for tracking and immediate retrieval down to the file level. With an investment in a facility and technology, and a mission to provide exceptional service, ARSC was born.

In the years since its inception ARSC has grown into two facilities; one in Peoria, Arizona and one in Phoenix, Arizona. Technology has been a staple of the business in order to provide ARSC customers with a full array of services from storage, retrieval, imaging, destruction, health information management to data protection. As a local records center dedicated to the local market, ARSC has fully executed on its commitment to personal customer service, knowing each customer by name and tailoring a program built around their needs.

ARSC’s client retention is unmatched in an industry where client defection has been routine. ARSC focuses on the immediate needs of each client and tailors solutions around their specific needs by providing them with Smart Storage Solutions™ that make business and financial sense. ARSC maintains the same dedication to excellence in customer service as it did at inception in the 1990’s. Yet today a level of sophistication has been added that comes with emerging technologies and improved service efficiencies.