The real estate is from the more expensive products in the market. The sale or the purchase of real estate is many times over result of labours of life.
Most times in deed it constitutes one from the more important changes that we decide as persons.
We are therefore near you, with a organised office of Broker's transactions in Rethimno Crete, with a view to we help our customers for each size real estate transaction in the following services.
· Professional and modern promotion of your real estate in the market.
· Estimate of motionless fortune.
· Domestic research in the market of real estates.
· Registration on our site (internet) and direct recovery of salesmen and purchasers.
· At order manufacture of new building (in our own your own or plot).
· Publications of authorisations.
· Restorations of buildings.
· Loans (Process of publication of loans) from the all banks.
· Hires of real estates and enterprises.
· Complete secrecy of transactions, and finally… the service that you deserves.

For anyone real estate your need you are addressed in our office. We will be glad a lot we serve you.

Sincerely yours
G. Palierakis