In today’s world, technology and inspiration are driving forces for all markets around the world. For this reason, household products are revolutionized by pioneers in innovation. We usually view bath renovations as the replacement of tiles, toiletries, or decorative products, but we tend to forget that shower heads are one of the most important accessories that can affect one’s lifestyle. As a matter of fact, a shower head is perhaps the most important upgrade accessory that any person can have. As the gateway faucet for treated water to reach your body, a well-designed and functioning shower head can open an unprecedented channel of luxury and health benefits to your personal living standards. For that reason, Opus International is proud to bring you the first aromatherapy Vitamin C shower head, Aroma Sense.

Aroma Sense is an innovative product that emits Vitamin C & aromatherapy during your shower, promoting healthier skin, hair and the generation of anti-oxidants. Our premier technology removes chlorine and other contaminants from unfiltered water. In addition, Aroma Sense is the provider of the first of its kind aroma scented Vitamin C shower head. Aroma Sense shower heads also reduces water consumption by about 25% while optimizing water pressure 1.5 times more than branded shower heads. The natural essential oil inside the vitamin filter releases an aromatherapy effect that enhances relaxation & alleviates stress. Truly, this is what a luxurious shower should feel like!