In the current economic downturn, the social order of the art world is shifting and the exlusive nature of the gallery relationship with art is changing.

To better survive and flourish, the art community must shift away from the current constraints and broaden to be more inclusive of the newer emerging artists and their yet to be discovered vision.  The voices of artists who care about issues regarding society, race, the environment, violence against women and the problems of all countries must be given free reign of expression and a forum in which to share their perspective with the world.

And with most sites overloaded with hundreds, even thousands, of art images from artists at all levels, emerging artists need a place to stand out and be seen.

ArtSceneToday.com was created to give emerging artists around the globe a needed forum for exposure through themed online juried competitions and exhibitions, as well as art-related information and resources.

It's for artists, art buyers and galleries to  use as a networking venue, a marketing tool, a forum for the exchange of ideas and a showcase for contemporary art. It's a virtual gallery for the best work of emerging artists. It's a destination for art makers and art lovers around the world.  

ArtSceneToday.com is the new site to see and be seen in.
Art Scene Today currently provides monthly juried competitions, online exhibitions,  a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas as well as helpful resources. Artists benefit from global exposure here as well as on Facebook, Craigslist and other online advertising venues and mailings to galleries, museums and arts organizations.

In the months ahead we will be adding additional marketing services to help emerging artists get the exposure they need, such as printed catalogues of all finalists, website development, artist reviews and live exhibitions at galleries, events and public spaces.