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Jeremey T.

Date: July 27th 2010
From: Stephen Taylor

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Let’s face it, making money on the internet can be a little bit confusing!

There’s no doubt that Google Adsense is a proven money maker, but getting content pages to put those ads on is probably the most difficult thing for any internet marketer to do.

Frankly, good content is one of the few things you just can’t fake.

Of course, some people will tell you that you can do fine without lots of new content on your site all the time.

WRONG! Just ask them how much their last Google AdSense check was for. The numbers speak for themselves.


I mean, you practically have to give up your job and start cranking out content full-time to make it pay off.

Sound at all familiar?

But then I got an idea…

I’ve gotten a ton of requests from people who want to make money with AdSense but who just don’t have time to go chasing down fresh content every day. And I mean a ton. So many, in fact, that it made me think, “How can I automate this process?

It took time, but I came up with a script that lets you run a site that solicits articles from people, posts them, and puts Google adsense ads on every single one of those puppies.

Think about it—if you get 50 people submitting an article to you a day, after 100 days you have 5,000 articles, with Google ads on each one…

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