Artificial Solutions provides solutions, technology and services that allow clients to offer higher quality customer service at significantly lower cost by optimizing the mix of traditional and digital customer service channels.

Our vision is that people all over the world shall receive a better customer service experience.

Artificial Solutions is truly international with employees representing 30 nations and supporting clients in over 20 countries and 23 languages. Our approach to the market is business value focused with a strong belief that technology is a tool to help our clients create maximum measurable value. We are very client focused, always trying to form long term partnerships with them while we at the same time take on the role to defend the end-user perspective. We are after all the experts on Customer Service Optimization.

Artificial Solutions was founded in 2001 and today we have offices in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Ljubljana, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Stockholm and Tokyo.

Our Products

Our CSO Strategy consists of a mix of methodology, technology and services that makes it possible for our clients to offer the best combination of digital and analogue service in the best communication channel for each customer situation. This results in our clients being able to offer better customer service at a lower cost.

Customer service is becoming very important for any company around the world, as it is getting harder for them to compete only by price or services in a globalized economy. For this reason, companies are increasing the resources allocated to customer service departments to retain their customers and improve their relationship with them.

Typically, there is a direct relationship between customer satisfaction and cost: if you spend more in customer service your customers will be happier. On the other hand businesses are left with high costs. Artificial Solutions' Customer Service Optimization (CSO) strategy changes this relationship and makes it possible to both reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

CSO Suite

* CSO Virtual Chat Agent (VCA): facilitates an automatic chat dialogue with end-users, using an advanced natural language based technology

* CSO Virtual Speech Agent (VSA): facilitates an automatic telephone dialogue with end users in natural spoken language.

* CSO E-Mail Management System (EMS): contact center application that helps organizations manage incoming e-mails in the most efficient way possible and with the help of a natural language based technology.

* CSO Agent Based Chat (ABC): facilitates a chat dialogue between the end-user and the customer service agent.

* CSO Control Center (CSO CC): back office application that allows our clients to control and manage all customer interactions from one single knowledge base.