Arty’s Legendary Cocktails produces a line of distinguished Ready to Drink cocktails that include  - The Moscow Mule, The Bloody Mary, The Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet, Whiskey Old Fashioned Sweet and Whiskey Old Fashioned Sour.  

Arty’s legendary cocktails are true, twist and ready to pour cocktails made from the finest distilled spirits, handcrafted to produce an outstanding flavor and experience.

No need to muddle, measure, shake or stir.  Simply twist, pour and enjoy!    

Timothy Pappin, Founder of Arty’s states it best…“The history behind many of the great cocktails has been long forgotten, what stands true is the taste and attitude that each drink is built upon. To qualify to wear the Arty’s name, we select only those cocktails that have achieved legendary status.”

Arty’s produces their legendary cocktails using handcrafted, local ingredients and distributes them in ready-drink bottles for true cocktail lovers to easily enjoy. The company’s headquarters are located in Clintonville, WI with their Midwest Regional Sales Office located in Lawrence, KS.

Arty’s is now available in over 900+ stores in Wisconsin and Kansas with more states to follow soon.  

Our Moscow Mule drafts from the original recipe made of vodka, ginger and lime. Our Mule is Light, refreshing and filled with a taste of the past.

The Old Fashioned taste is setup on center stage, with the sugar and bitters as wonderful accents to the spirits nuances. It is a stimulating cocktail infused with aromatic bitters, countered with tartness/sweetness, and a delightfully rewarding finish.  

It’s not a party without Arty’s

Contact:  Timothy Pappin @ timothy.pappin@drinkartys.com