The best opportunities often present themselves in weird and wonderful ways. The same can be said for Arustic bags which came about as a chance love-affair. On the final day of my “soul-searching” holiday in Africa, I was frantically looking for that all important present for my better half (bitter half if I arrived back from this extravagant melt-down without a token gift).

As destiny would have it, I passed a shabby hut where an elderly man called Sid was very skilfully stitching two pieces of leather to form a bag. The leather was a beautiful caramel colour and of superb grade. The experienced hands with which he worked the leather gave the bag both an earthy quality and a rustic finish. I had finally understood my wife’s statement “I love that bag” and knew this was the gift I wanted.

Upon returning home I kept thinking about how despite the meagre means and obvious poverty the man was able to produce something so beautiful.

The rest is as they say is history or as I prefer to think the future. The idea for Arustic was born. At Arustic we want to provide high quality leather bags at affordable prices and to return something back to our global communities.
At Arustic we want to empower to lead a life which is honourable and fulfilling. So the idea of “more than a bag was developed.” We have teamed up with our partners who have extensive experience in helping communities to end their own hunger. With every bag you purchase, we will help someone in need, helping them to end their own poverty through our partners. Some of the projects our partners are involved in have reached such success that the communities have become totally self reliant, producing and managing their own food as well as managing education banking etc.