“Our mission is to improve the quality of life for dance artists, entrepreneurs, and passionate people all over the world! We want to help you create the professional success and personal happiness that you’ve always dreamed of, by turning your passion and purpose into a profitable, and fulfilling lifestyle.”

If you want to learn about how to better market your dance company, dance business, or yourself, you have to get help! You can’t do it alone!


We help dancers, choreographers, artists, and “dancerpreneurs” (dance entrepreneurs/business owners) create a powerful marketing and branding strategy using social media, multimedia, and our E-P-I-C marketing method. Our unique marketing and branding method is what has helped our brand grow to one that is well-known and respected throughout the dance community worldwide, and we can do the same for you.


We also provide media coverage and promotion for dance events, dance companies, and dance industry leaders, through our weekly radio show, online video series, blog, and tv show (debuting Spring 2012).


Want to advertise your dance event, product, or service? We can help! We offer many different ways to help you get the word out about your dance business or event.

Over the past few years, through our dancer’s blog, internet radio show, online videos, e-mail subscriber list, weekly #LetsTalkDanceTweetchat on Twitter, and social media networks, we’ve heard the needs of the dance community. We know that you need help with marketing your dance events, performances, and products. We know that you need to know how you can build a dance brand that people want to give financial support to, and get the consistent funding/revenue that you need. We’ve also seen how powerful and successful dance companies and brands can be with effective multimedia marketing and branding through social media. We’ve learned a lot through our own experiences, and also by listening to and working with so many of you in the dance community.

We want to help you with your dance marketing, branding, and multimedia needs!

Do you need help promoting your dance event, dance product, or dance studio/dance classes?

Do you need help with creating a powerful and effective marketing strategy for your dance company, school, or dance business that will help you successfully connect with your target audience?

Do you want to share the passion you have for your dance project, dance company, or cause with the dance community worldwide?

We Can Help!

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