Asheville Yoga Center (AYC) is a leader in providing world-class instruction and support for personal growth through yoga. Founded in 1997, AYC offers classes, teacher trainings and a boutique for yoga practitioners of all levels. Learn more about classes and trainings at youryoga.com.

AYC is committed to excellence in yoga.  All styles of hatha yoga are offered through a wide variety of community classes and teacher trainings from an elite team of highly educated yoga instructors.  Through these trainings and studio classes, AYC is able to continue to fulfil its vision of sharing the benefits of yoga far and wide around the world.

AYC is the largest single location teacher-training program in the country. It has over 225 years of combined world-class instructor experience for a very well-rounded and highly renowned curriculum and education. Its dedicated team of staff and instructors will help students of all levels of yoga feel comfortable and inspire growth within their individual practices.

AYC offers 200 and 300-Hour Teacher Training programs and serves as the premier destination for a 200-Hour and 300-Hour Teacher RYS accredited institute. AYC takes pride in being the best in the industry with world-class instructors and the expertise to further student’s yoga careers and has graduated more than 5,000 individuals in the 200- and 300-Hour Teacher Training programs. These excellent programs help future yoga instructors grow in confidence and expand their knowledge of yoga.

AYC is an environmentally sustainable campus, designed specifically for yoga practice. The campus consisting of two buildings for trainings, workshops, classes and the Boutique are landscaped with edible, aromatic and native trees and plants. The facilities are also solar powered, designed to let in plenty of natural light.

AYC also supports the community by partnering with many nonprofit organizations that are like minded and dedicated to giving back to those in need in the Asheville area.

Mission Statement: Asheville Yoga Center serves as a leader, guiding people to fully engage with their life through the practice of yoga.