Asia Connect Media Corporation is a new concept in media marketing that is the gateway between North America, Latin America, Asia and beyond by bringing customers together to do business. Asia Connect is a unique combination of traditional print media with online solutions and social networking, creating a true borderless business environment.

Working with media and public relations companies, foreign consulates, international chambers of commerce, business related government and non-governmental organizations in Miami, Los Angeles, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Barbados, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Dominican Republic. Asia Connect delivers sophisticated results enabling loyal clients to increase solid international business connections with success.

Asia Connect Magazine is issued quarterly with primary objective to stimulate global business by bringing quality, innovation and influence to all readers. Quality content with relevant and timely articles, interviews and features. Innovation through a unique business concept bringing together three regions (North America, Latin America and Asia) to expand business relationships, investments and learn about the different cultures. The magazine’s influence will be driven by the community of loyal readers composed of international business leaders and decision makers.

Asia Connect Club is an international exclusive membership organization guaranteed to help build solid relationships. We bring together people of similar interests and similar background to socialize and establish friendships that will lead to successful business dealings. We believe in the idea that “we make friends first and do business second because people do business with people they like.” Partners of the Asia Connect Club gather once a month for a VIP dinner to make new friends and renew old friendships. Partners gain access to exclusive events that bring added knowledge and perspective to their businesses. We ensure your Club Partnership provides you a rewarding experience.

For more information about Asia Connect Media Corporation, call 917-771-9491, email Brenda@AsiaConnectMiami.com or visit www.AsiaConnectMiami.com