Our target clients are businesses of all sizes, creative agencies of all genres, researchers and students. As an American company, we are eager to level the playing field for our clients worldwide, making their lives easier, and helping to fight the economic crisis. We do this by delivering a long-needed service that used to be way too expensive for regular people, who have always been at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to market intelligence.

Until now, many people and businesses had to rely on things like intuition, gut feelings or even flipping a coin when making business decisions.

Now, with AYTM, you can create your own market research surveys in minutes using our simple self-service tools. You can send those surveys with one click to your target market, 24/7, without a contract or even a phone call. We let you select exactly the demographic segment of our consumer panel whose opinions you seek. All the people who will answer your survey are US residents and look forward to anonymously providing their honest opinion on your questions. You can watch your as your results come in and analyze the data through ourreport tool. Yes, it includes fancy charts and graphics that can be printed and shared with your colleagues. You own the data that we deliver to you and it always remains confidential. Best of all, it's inexpensive. Surveys start at just $29.95!

Everyone can now avoid the costly mistakes that hurt small businesses and enjoy the power of on-demand targeted market research. Let the power and wisdom of the crowd be with you!