Asset Alliance is a multi-faceted investment management firm, specializing in alternative investment management - specifically hedge funds and hedge fund products. Founded in 1996, Asset Alliance offers strategic opportunities for highly skilled hedge fund managers; provides advisory services to organizations worldwide; and manages investment products for high net worth and institutional investors.

We offer a range of innovative hedge fund products designed to balance reward and risk. Our deep-rooted commitment to consistent capital appreciation and preservation is a primary focus.

Manager evaluation and selection is the cornerstone of our business. Asset Alliance seeks experienced and skilled managers with strong infrastructures who consistently generate alpha from an established and repeatable investment process. A rigorous and comprehensive due diligence process combines qualitative assessments with portfolio analysis to identify and understand a manager's sources of return, strategy and business risks.

Providing hedge fund products to investors worldwide, our clients range from high net worth individuals to some of the world's largest financial institutions. We bring leading and innovative hedge fund products to the global investment community.

Experience, integrity and commitment to investment discipline, both personal and financial, rank highest among the qualitative aspets on which we base our decisions. Quantitatively, we target managers who achieve consistent investment performance and demonstrate the ability to manage risk across all markets.

Through wholly-owned subsidiaries, Hedge Harbor Inc. in the U.S and Hedge Harbor Limited in the U.K (collectively "Hedgeharbor") provide investment placement services to institutions, corporate, not for profit, family offices and high net worth investors. As a consultant, Hedgeharbor's goal is to provide a high quality solutions-based approach, whereby they help source, research and identify investment opportunities for their clients.