Assure Payment Corp. is the leading national provider of Job-loss mortgage payment protection services. Trusted by many of the largest Real Estate Brokers, Builders and Developers in the United States as the “best in the business”, the company has dramatically grown in response to the increasing need to help protect home buyers from mortgage payment default due to unexpected job loss. Assure Payment Corp. was also created in response to the need for a non insurance company buyer protection plan that would be more cost effective for the seller, less restrictive for the buyer, easy to administer and more secure for everyone involved. Sellers needed a trusted third party to administer their plan and to add credibility. Assure Payment Corp. allows them to focus on selling the home’s benefits while giving their buyers security and peace of mind. Assure Payment Corp. utilizes a title company’s escrow account in the administration process. The buyer’s assurance payment funds are set aside at closing by the seller, making them readily available to pay their mortgage payments in the event of job loss. The buyer can initiate the payment by submitting a simple payment request form. It is clear from the market response that Assure Payment Corp. has developed the best buyer protection plan available at a time when it is needed most. The company is committed to partnering in buyer protection, providing buyers with a less stressful decision to purchase a home, and sellers with a highly cost-effective way to make their home even more attractive to more buyers.