"Spirit of Brotherhood Publications" is the publishing arm of "The Astrology Consultant" and is an independent publisher of spiritual-cultural books, newsletters, and articles; primarily, about astrology, astrology-as a spiritual practice, astrology-relevant history, and its use as a strategic tool, whereby its functionality lies in its visual display of relevant data and information.

. We provide counsulting services, where astrology's metrics (measurment data) is employed to help guide descisions, in personal, vocational, financial, and relationship/partnership affairs.

. We provide astrology-based reports and charts that are sent to our customers, through email. fax, and regular mail.

. We deliver Webinars and on-site, courses, speaking, and lecture services, for groups and organizations.

The Founder, Kevin David “Raphael” Fitch, is an internationally acclaimed astrologer and the author of Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean, a Mundane Astrology book, and the upcoming e-Book: Paul Laurence Dunbar: An Astrological Biography. He has 35 years association in this “Science of effective energies.”