I have been painting my entire life. I painted watercolor until I was about 18 because it was cheap and I was poor. I painted a lot of pop art and abstract art in my 20s. I started a graphic design business about 20 years ago that I still operate. A lot of my artistic sensibilities come from that graphic design background. I’ve worked in many mediums, including traditional landscape and seascape painting, pop art, modern abstract, abstract expressionism, graffiti style art, minimalism and a lot of photography. My current style began when I decided I wanted to paint some of the abstract shapes you might see in the foam patterns of a seascape, but on a bigger scale. In a quest to figure out how to paint natural looking sea foam cells, I looked at Turkish Ebru water painting techniques, automobile marbling, skateboard painting, mirror cake glazing, and fluid painting by artists such as Nancy Wood. This style allows me to check many boxes with my artwork and delve into endless color studies. I’ve found that it has an organic appeal to many people, not just those who love abstract art.

At times, I appreciate a minimalist zen purple color scheme, the next day maybe a more complex “celestial” palette. I’ll even push boundaries with colors that can only be described as graphic or “pop art.” One day I will work in cool colors, and the next day I’ll go in completely the opposite direction with warm colors. And then, mix the two together for another direction. I work on wood panels mostly, ranging in size from about 12″ x 12″ to larger 36″ x 60″ pieces. I normally cover my acrylic or mixed media paintings with a hard top of resin, often containing holographic specs to further animate the works with an ethereal quality.

I have a B.S. in Journalism and Graphic Design from Northwest Missouri State University. I currently live in North Las Vegas.