Developers at Brilliant Idea Software conducted extensive research in order to create the most flexible and easy-to-use planning, consolidations, and corporate financial reporting software possible. Over the course of several years, they consulted with scores of people who have worked within this category of software. Input was received from colleagues across a broad spectrum of talents, including technicians, consultants, managers, marketers and salespeople. The end result of their collaboration is a robust, all-in-one planning, consolidations, financial reporting and analysis solution: Astuity BPM.

In Summary:

* Astuity BPM simplifies data collection using its Excel Add-in, or through flexible data entry screens. In addition, data can be loaded and extracted in bulk form using Excel spreadsheets.

* The various structures comprising an organization’s consolidation model can be easily imported using Excel spreadsheets. The model can be further fine-tuned using the flexible modeling windows. The same modeling windows can be used to sort, search, group, and validate all of the organization’s structures.

* Astuity BPM's default consolidation and currency translation behavior will fulfill the vast majority of an organization’s consolidation and currency translation requirements. In addition, custom formulas can be created to address any exceptions to the default behaviors.

* Flexible Allocations are accomplished using built-in features, such as parent-level input accounts, user defined fields, formula functions that can access data from anywhere within the application, and low level pre-consolidation routines.

* Astuity’s database is open, enabling users to leverage their investment in their existing reporting/BI tools ecosystem.

* Excel reporting and analysis is made easy using two families of Excel functions. The ability to drill-though to multiple upstream data sources is supported. Pivot tables are also available, bolstering Astuity’s already-comprehensive planning capabilities.

* Organization unit data can be locked and unlocked by users that are assigned the proper permissions. Enhanced security features allow the data to be secured by Organization Unit and Scenario, as well as at the input schedule level. Data access can be write enabled, read enabled, or denied entirely. Application function choices can be limited at the user or user group level.