AtHomeNet Inc. is a firm that began as a small family business in GA and now serves well over 1.3 million homes across the fifty state and in five countries. The company is technology based, dealing primarily with creating and hosting websites for Homeowner Associations, Condo Associations, & Association Management companies. It is a story of the entrepreneurial spirit envisioning a service concept that was once considered an optional luxury but has now become a necessity to most communities. It is also a story of developing relationships with clients who define the products and features we offer. Just as our websites are interactive, so is this client/service provider exchange. This process makes AtHomeNet unique in not only recognizing the need for such a service; but constantly adapting and enhancing the service in a way that empowers our customers to be a part of standardizing the use of a technology in a method that was previously unheard of.

AtHomeNet was founded in March of 1998 by the husband and wife team of Jeff and Susan Sanders. Living in a Homeowners Association themselves, they quickly recognized the need for a better method of communication between neighbors, the board and even the community management company. The internet was just becoming popular with the general public and its uses as a communication tool were obvious so an internet based community web site application seemed the perfect solution. The value of establishing or participating in an existing HOA or Condo Association in communities both locally and nationwide was beginning to be viewed as a standard by which the efficiency of communities would be measured.

Undaunted by the challenge of slowly but steadily growing from the ground up in a subscription based revenue model; Jeff and Susan knew that if they could combine a product that was universally needed without losing the highly personalized customer service their 1st clients enjoyed, they would have a good chance of revolutionizing the way people ran their communities. With so much emphasis placed on maintaining and increasing property values, board activities and administration, and social and family events; offering a community website service that could meet the professional demands of a Condo or Home Owner Association, while simultaneously offering user friendly access to residents was to become the focal point of their efforts.

From its inception, AtHomeNet was a subscription based service having never fallen prey to the advertising based model that caused the failure of so many dot com companies back in 2000. Their first client was signed in October of 1998 and the company has experienced triple digit growth ever since. Although the years have brought thousands of clients and very large communities, Jeff and Susan take an active role in being personally involved in every aspect of AtHomeNet's operations. From getting on the phone with an individual HOA president or community administrator and listening to what they'd like to see in the service, or talking to a potential customer about how the business started and has grown, the couple has adopted the mantra of treating every community with the same level of commitment they treat their own.

To further the all important client/service provider relationship AtHomeNet was built upon; each year AtHomeNet hosts an up close and personal training camp where they and their staff give classes on mastering the features and functionality of the AtHomeNet website service. With classes geared towards association websites and community association management websites, Jeff and Susan take a hands-on approach to teaching their service and listening and learning what their clients' needs are at this annual event. With a few perks in the day such as lunch and prizes, training camp also gives Administrators and Association managers from around the country a chance to get to know each other and share stories of their own website successes.

AtHomeNet has clients in 50 states ranging in size from a 6 unit condo to an 8500 home master association and five countries. AtHomeNet currently has over 35 employees including sales, support, development and graphic arts staff, whose sole mission is to fulfill the needs of every member of the AtHomeNet family of clients; meeting and exceeding customer expectations at every opportunity.