We are the Atheists Helping the Homeless DC (AHHDC). We help people in our community who are homeless.

The goal of AHH DC is to provide small items (travel size) needed on a daily basis (soap, nail clippers, towelettes, socks, combs, small shampoo, toothbrushes and small paste, etc.) to people who are homeless and who may who travel primarily by foot. We distribute small items for those who cannot carry regular-sized items everywhere they go. The items are for people living on the street, out of a tent, or car.

We operate on donations and periodically distribute other items that have been donated to us such as shoes, jackets, and winter hats. We hold monthly distribution events.

We are staffed entirely by volunteers, and have essentially no overhead. We operate out of our homes with team spirit.

Our goals, as humanists, are to help our community, to give to those who wish to have our help, to learn, and to respect ourselves by respecting others.