What is the ‘Athenian Dream’?

Simply, It is a NEW blog about what it is like to live in Athens. We have called it the Athenian Dream in allusion to the American Dream. Athens is one of the most ancient (and perhaps contradictory) cities in the world and, in this blog, we attempt to encapsulate just what the Athenian dream is. Our aim is to explore the ‘idea’ of Athens: how the city has seen itself from ancient times through to the present day, and what the future looks like for the city.

What do we blog about?

There are many blogs which write about where to eat and what to do while on holiday in Athens, but our purpose is to do something more than this. We will inevitably write about where the best places to visit are, but with a deeper reflection on their historical and cultural significance in Greece as a whole.

We have divided our posts into the following categories: Culture (covering everything from family naming traditions to how to buy a Greek phone); History (Ancient, Byzantine and Modern); Where to…(Eat, Drink, Stay, Visit, Learn) and posts about the Rest of Greece (where to go for day and weekend trips from Athens).

Who writes this blog?

We are a husband and wife team, who moved to Athens in December 2021. Before moving to Athens, we knew Greece quite well and had spent time in Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Santorini, Corfu, Kefallinia, Zante, and of course Athens, before deciding to move here.

Scarlett is a French-American, British-born actress and artist. Sebastian is British-born but his family originate from Kefallinia in the Ionian Islands. He read Classics at university and tutors in Latin and Ancient Greek. We are joined by our skylaki (‘little dog’) Tintin.