Atlantic Customhouse provides reliable customs brokerage services for the price affordable for any importer, including small businesses, and the first time importers.
We use state of the art system to connects to the CBP via ACE (Automated Commercial Environment).  Therefore, we electronically file required import data with the CBP. That helps us to streamline routine operations and to focus on optimising import procedures.
As a result, we provide timely clearance of your goods at all ports of entry across the U.S.
International commerce is a complicated business. For this reason, we believe that open communication between client and broker is essential for success. Therefore, our professionals are always available to discuss your project, no matter how big or small it is.
Above all, we make it our business to help businesses avoid fines, prevent delays, and ensure successful importation.  Import clearance work involves the preparation and submission of documentation required to import into this country.  Our customs brokers represent clients through the entire import process including examination of the merchandise, assessment and duty payment.  In addition, we help to coordinate delivery of cargo after clearance.