Our continual growth can be attributed to accessible experienced management, bilingual personnel, and very reasonable fees.  Our offices are not hampered by layers of authority or divisions of labor. At the Atlas Group we train our people to be able to do just about everything.  It is very frustrating for an owner or a tenant to deal with several different people to get a couple of easy questions answered.  Some firms have one person handle maintenance, another shows property, someone else inspects property, and another person handles all the finances.  This is frustrating and confusing for everyone.   At the Atlas Group an owner or a tenant only has to talk to one efficient property manager to get all their questions answered.   In addition, our owners are not locked into a long-term contract.  Being required to stay with a management company, or for us to keep an owner, when the chemistry is not positive, is not good for anyone.  We want owners to stay with us because of what we do for them, not because they have to.

Services provided include but are not limited to:
Acquire tenants in a rapid and aggressive manner
Qualify prospective tenants with complete credit, employment and rental history
Perform timely rent collection and if necessary initiate collection efforts
Pay mortgage, homeowners association dues, utilities, property taxes, sewer etc. as requested/needed
Effect any necessary repairs in a timely and professional manner
Send monthly statements to all clients promptly, complete with copies of all invoices/expenses paid
Handle any and all property/tenant problems.
Interface with insurance companies, City Departments, police etc.
Effect evictions, go to court, handle and monitor forced move-out proceedings.
Perform normal move-outs, determining disposition of Security Deposit refunds according to Nevada Revised Statute guidelines
Facilitate property renovation, cleaning, repairs, and any preparations needed to begin the process again

Give our staff a call.  We will be glad to answer any and all questions you may have regarding our property management services.