Have you ever wondered why you are here on Earth?  Or, what happens when you die?  Is there life after death?  What if you could travel thru time, experience the afterlife, and explore mysterious realms? ... You can.  The ATMA Study is a groundbreaking film that is an immensely entertaining and fascinating exploration of central questions like these that every person on the planet has. This global movie event is based upon real scientific research of the afterlife.

Watch a movie trailer for a global blockbuster motion picture project that is about a real scientific investigation into the afterlife: www.atmastudy.com/atma2-the_movie-HS.html#movie     at our website: www.AtmaStudy.com

Be a part of an exciting and profitable international "green" & 3D movie making experience. A film that is of equal or greater value than a mainstream  Hollywood movie will be made for fraction of the up front cost. We have guaranteed worldwide theatrical distribution. This eliminates the greatest risk for independent films, yet preserves the advantages of an independent film.

The writer-producer-director, Kyle Schmierer, has not only come out of the internationally acclaimed NYU Filmmaking Program, but has taught filmmaking and is also a seasoned Hollywood veteran.

We are utilizing a very new an innovative business model that greatly reduces risks and greatly increases probability for blockbuster success and utilizes more "green" methods to make movies. Filmmaker, Kyle Schmierer, graduated Magna Cum Laude with a self designed degree in Global Environmental Studies from Northland Liberal Arts/ Environmental College before discovering his passion and talent for movie making.

Watch a 3 minute intro of three movie projects and the filmmaker: www.atmastudy.com/intro.html

Best of luck to all us all and our only home - planet Earth.  Kyle Schmierer, writer-producer-director  www.Amadin.biz

Phone: 01- 602-218-5057   USA PST

Email: director@atmastudy.com