Mission and Vision
We intend to improve the efficiency of financial services by reducing costs and creating a convenient transaction system.
We strive to achieve the highest technical expertise while bringing unique Japanese sensitivity to the business of virtual currencies. Our goal is to create and provide future financial services to our customers not only in Asia but also in the world.

TTT The Transfer Token
(hereafter referred to as TTT)
TTT is a cryptocurrency issued by Atom Solutions Co., Ltd.
TTT is a token currently issued on the ERC-20 blockchain, but we are continuing
development with the vision to conduct a Mainnet swap.
TTT serves many purposes within our digital wallet, Eternal Wallet.
TTT can be transferred to outside wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges where TTT is
listed. However, between Eternal Wallet users, transfers can be made at a lower fee of
the equivalent of 5 cents (USD).

Eternal Wallet
Eternal Wallet is a wallet that provides the most affordable fees in the world for
currency exchange.
Eternal Wallet provides users with the world’ s highest received amount during
currency exchanges, but to make this possible there is a necessity to have users who
will lend out TTT into Eternal Wallet’ s Pool.
Users who lend out TTT into the Pool, upon the currency exchange being successfully
processed, will be able to receive a partial amount of the fees which the user who
exchanged currency paid.
(The fees received will fluctuate according to the foreign currency balance within the

Through using Eternal Wallet to conduct currency exchange and overseas remittance,
it is unnecessary to buy or sell TTT. Users, within Eternal Wallet, can exchange one
currency to another with the click of a button. TTT’ s fluctuation in price does not affect
this, and prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies is not needed.
Eternal Wallet is a wallet that makes possible the world’ s most convenient, most
affordable, and quickest currency exchange and overseas remittance. This innovation
is set to revolutionize the history of overseas remittance.