Auction Techs was created by the most experienced staff in the auction software business. Our Team is the most trusted experts in the business. We know first handed the needs for auctioneers, bidders and sellers and have created a comprehensive auction software package for the auctioneer. We offer our software only to auctioneers with a valid Auctioneer or Auction Firm license or a member of a State or National Auctioneer Association.

Since 2000, we have watched how the auction industry has evolved in accepting technology to help in the success of their business. The auctioneer knows the importance of a well-designed website, a robust auction management system and a mobile friendly online auction system. In addition to these tools, the auctioneer has embraced the use of social media, email marketing, text and voicemail marketing to help in the success of each auction. Auctioneers needed to engage the services of multiple providers to grow their business, which gets costly. In addition, not all of these components work together easy and the amount of work for the auctioneers staff is over whelming and when there is a problem the cause of it is not really known.

We realized that there was a need for a provider to offer an all in one software package and Auction Techs was born. We have incorporated all the software needs required by an auction company into one system. We are a single source provider offering website design, auction software, auction management software, ecommerce, mobile apps, social media, email marketing, text messaging and voicemail marketing all under one system. Auctioneers and their staff have one Auctioneer Dashboard to access to control and manage their day to day task. We have created a cost effective solution to simplify the technology needs of an auction company.

Auction Techs mission is to give back control to the auctioneer and ease the work load for its staff.