The original Auditel concept was developed on the simple premise that all organisations have to pay for essential services. Utilities and telecommunications are just two of those likely costs and when these and many other essential service sectors underwent deregulation in 1991 it opened up these industries to competition. UK companies could now shop around for the best prices on offer from new service providers entering the market.
However, the enormous ever changing range of services available meant that many organisations did not know where or how to identify savings opportunities.
The major problem then and now is the fact that few organisations have sufficient time and resources to track every invoice, question every charge and ensure quality of service from each supplier.
In 1994 Auditel was launched to offer a solution, a cost management consultancy that could focus independently on the essential services to cut through the confusion that UK businesses were facing.
Since this time Auditel has been training professionals into self employment and is now the leading cost and purchase management franchise.