Everything we do is motivated by our belief that orphans and poor people deserve the highest standards of care possible. We believe that one day orphans and vulnerable children will be perceived with the same dignity and value that we perceive our own children; when our perception of orphans changes, our treatment of them will follow. We are motivated by our belief that together as a global community, we can raise the standards of care for every child on the planet because every soul matters. We believe that God is passionate about winning souls and we are passionate with him to equip people to join God in winning souls around the world. As such, we have brought together a group of experts from different backgrounds and have created a multi-disciplinary curriculum to train people in the best practices and principles of effective poverty alleviation and disciplemaking. The result of this is the establishment of what has become the first institution in the world to offer college-level training in orphan care and missions.

Austin Bible Institute is an institution of  Christian Higher Education that prepares Christians for a lifetime of service. It provides training to Christian students who feel called into full-time ministry or who simply want to grow in their relationship with Christ or learn how to interpret and apply the Bible better.