What is Home Automation? It is anything you would like it to be. Home Automation is a shift in lifestyle, a shift to an electronic lifestyle. Our systems are not designed to further complicate your busy life, just the opposite. They help to simplify it. Your home is your oasis. It is a place to help you feel relaxed, a place to work, and a place to entertain. Austin Home Systems designs systems that match your lifestyle, not your neighbors. Smart Homes are capable of waking up on their own, going to sleep on their own, or letting you remain in complete control. Not only do these systems help to simplify your life, they help to go green. Smart Homes can dramatically help to cut down energy usage and help the home to be more conscious of its use. This happens without any compromise on your part. Soon our homes will be able to tell us which devices in the home draw the most energy and give us ideas on ways to conserve. 

What do we mean when we say the home wakes up on its own? Let us give you an example. At 6:00 am everyday your home's security system disarms, while the home's temperature is set to your liking. A random selection from a group of your favorite songs quietly starts to play with the volume increasing over increments of time. The lights will also help to aid you in waking as they slowly dim up. At 6:15 the TV that is hidden behind the bathroom mirror automatically turns on to CNN to give you the daily news as you get ready for your day. Sensors thru your home can be set to detect if light is needed. If it is cloudy outside and there is a dim atmosphere inside the home, the lights will automatically turn on. However if it is a bright in the home, the lights will stay off. These commands, along with anything else you can think of happen without even the touch of a button. Of course for those with ever changing schedules this series of events can be configured into a button that is displayed on a touch screen. Upon waking the button is pressed and all the magic happens.


Throughout your day the home is fully accessible and controlled via your computer, smart phone, on screen displays on the TV, in-wall touch panels, or wireless touch panels. Homes can be designed to have only one form of control or multiple ways to control. Commands called macros or scripts can be written into buttons that are accessed using these devices. These buttons can do any series of events you wish to have happen. Day, night, party, and relax are common buttons placed into systems. The party button could turn on certain areas of the home to your favorite iTunes playlist, while it turns on certain lights, and turns off others. There is no limit to the amount of commands that can be written into a button. Any sequential course of events you would like to have happen with one press is possible. A smart phone can be used to control the entire system as well. As you go from room to room you would simply press the room you are in on the phone. You can now change the channels, browse thru and turn on your favorite song, adjust the temperature, or dim the lights in that room. When you leave the room, hit off, and proceed to the press the next area you are going into.