Film Rights Now Available For: (c)"The Mule" and (c)"Chasing The Truth", from author: Barry Lee Davies.

Published in The United States of America.
ISBN # 1-60474-870-2
ISBN # 1-4137-1714-4

The author: Barry Lee Davies, offers you the best fiction possible. Fiction that reads like today's headlines. Fiction that not only seems real but makes you wonder what is truth and what is fiction. Extensive research, realistic characters and locales, and stories that really are taking place outside your very door, make for an excellent read.

(c) "Chasing The Truth" has film producer interest and five-star reader loyalty from both men and women. Have a look at the most dangerous drug on earth, and what happens when it is stolen from the U.S. Government. An excerpt is available at the author's web site.

(c) "The Mule" has that extra adrenaline page-turning kick that drags you into the world of drugs, crime and gangs as you follow an innocent "Mule" set-up by the drug lords. This is avictim that refuses to be one.

(c) "Chasing The Truth" and (c) "The Mule" are available on-line with major on-line sellers and at the author's web site for autographed copies.

Film rights are available.