I. Alan Appt’s New Book “The Strength in Knowing” The Truth Beyond Our Belief Systems

Has taught and practiced Meditation, Universal Energy and Kinesiology. Appt has a unique knowledge of personal spiritual events, and awareness through a self observed mind. Appt is also an impressionistic artist in oil using palette knives. His book will be released in August-September 2012, “THE STRENGTH IN KNOWING” The Truth Beyond our Belief Systems & a Fresh Path to finding Love, Peace, Joy, Traditional Values, Personal & Spiritual Development.

When he was ten, he had philosophical thoughts about life. He became frightened of questions such as, “Where did I come from?” “Who am I?” and “Where am I going?” He tried desperately to ignore them. He finally realized, with the help of age and therapy, that he was not being plagued with this philosophy, but rather finding an understanding of life. In addition to discovering a unique awareness of the Universe, he has undergone many spiritual events, including a vision of Jesus and an out-of-body experience. It’s important now that he conveys to others what he has learned.

The Strength in Knowing is a personal, detailed narrative in obtaining true happiness and near ultimate awareness through an ongoing understanding of existence. In addition, the book, derived from his life experiences, offers an interpretation and depiction of a fresh, essential path to a heightened understanding of belief systems, love, peace, joy, traditional values, and personal and spiritual development—as well as their application. This book is his quest to convey a learning experience that others can utilize in hopes of having a better understanding of their life and it’s meaning, so that no one need fear existential questions. This understanding can be gained through techniques such as meditation and a self-observed mind, which can enrich lives and grant the peace that is essential to a fulfilled existence.

The Author believes his book will interest a majority because of the honest, in-depth practical knowledge regarding life, purpose, and meaning. It tackles a subject that sparks everyone’s interest, written from personal experience in a language that is easy to absorb. He is ready to provide more of a contribution from his life than simply “being a good person.” Although his book satisfies this desire, it, more importantly, offers the reader something essential—a true and precise understanding of life, and the chance to capture true happiness.

I. Alan Appt
Book availability- August - September 2012