AutoDesSys, Inc. introduced 3D modeling software in the late 1980s. It aimed to offer advanced 3D modeling technology on the personal computer at a time when the technology was only available on large computers and research laboratories. With this in mind, form·Z was launched in 1991. It arrived at a time when design was ruled by 2D drawings and has defined the 3D industry ever since.

form·Z's ability to combine solid and surface modeling has made it a favorite in multiple design fields that engage in the articulation of 3D forms and spaces. Available for the Mac and Windows, it adds interoperability between the two platforms as it allows users to open their files on either one. AutoDesSys offers 3D modeling solutions beyond the mainstream, commercially available software by researching and developing technology at the forefront of the software industry. It offers its customers innovative solutions that allow them to explore and then convey their design ideas to their clients with clarity and detail, refine them to suit the practical demands of construction, and save time and money in the execution and delivery of the final product.

As the design industry is gradually moving away from the two-dimensional standard, the role of AutoDesSys has been clear-cut from the inception of its purpose to lead in the 3D modeling software industry.