About AutoVolo
AutoVolo was established in July 2013 and launched at the end of August 2015. It is a privately owned and run company with a management team of over 30 years of experience in creating successful businesses.
Autovolo approach is to be very different from the rest of the other online digital providers that have come to market and via it’s unique marketing plan which will be looking to drive more visitors to its website which in turn should lead to more enquiries for it dealers who are displaying content.
Autovolo will be building a brand presence with a very strong consumer offering to advertise online with them, driven by ongoing promotional pricing that will be made available to the motorist in everyday locations that they frequent on a daily and weekly basis.

Supporting all of this ‘offline’ activity the company is investing heavily in both outdoor and online marketing, here you can see some examples of our marketing activity:

So far the company has been developing its relationship with a number of companies such a G Forces, Bluesky, Spidersnet and several others by putting in place the backend systems required in order to display the dealers stock. It offers dealers a choice of three low cost monthly packages which start from under £1 a day for featuring up to 25 cars per month

Dealers get full login access to their own personalised dashboard through the portal, where they can manage their stock and also monitor the activity and performance on your adverts.

Another nice feature and is unique is that the dealer is given access to purchase stock through the platform that is being sold by the private sellers. Around 80% of private sellers so far when listing their car for sale have opted to receive offers from local dealers for the purchase of their vehicle.

When the private seller selects this option, their car will appear on the dealer dashboard under “view cars available for offer” which can then be priced and you submit your best offer to the seller, if the offer is accepted, they will disclose their contact details directly and arrange to finalise the deal.

Buying in just one car at an advantageous price and saving you money from buying at auction could pay for your whole 12 months advertising with Autovolo!

The platform if fully HTML responsive and works across mobile and tablet and has been developed in house and the expansion continues with the introduction of Commercial Vehicles / Vans to be featured and there will be other categories to follow later in the year.

The site offers users a clear and easy navigation process and it has some unique features, the main one is being able to search for multiple makes and models all at the same time for a more efficient browsing experience which no other competitor offers currently.

So with over 100,000 cars now available via around 2,000 dealers and all achieved within 6 months of going live the future is looking bright and Autovolo welcomes all dealers who are looking for value for money exposure and working with a growing brand that has a different approach to generating business for further information or enquiries you can make contact via dealers@autovolo.co.uk