The best part is you can personalize your print and make it look like YOUR car! An upgrade service fee of 75.00 gets you wheels, tires, hood scoop's, stripes,vinyl tops, body colors, and many other parts to look exactly like your car. Even title inscriptions and background changes! Just give us a call at: 520-297-9104 Founded in 1992 Artist and Designer Danny Whitfield has created a portfolio of cars to satisfy just about every customers. Not only will you get the best in high quality automotive art, you get a choice of almost every make and model. Cars from an AMC to a Z28.

You also get Danny's "Loyal Customer" year round deal!
Buy one 14x18 print and get 1-5x7 & 4 wallets free
Buy one 16x20 print and get 1-8x10 1-5x7 & 4 wallets free
Buy one 20x24 print and get 2-5x7 & 2 wallets free
Buy one 20x30 print and get 2-8x10 & 2-5x7 and 6 wallets free
Buy one 24x36 print and get 3-5x7 & 4 wallets free

How's that most complete Automotive Art available on the web! New sizes and different makes and models are coming soon so if you don't see a specific car chances are Danny has it on his "to-do"list Call 520-297-9104

About Danny, Danny was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. "Cars and Music" were the love of his life even before he could
even walk! His education studies consist of Automotive Design and Fine art. He attended Center of Create Studies of Detroit Michigan and Macomb Community College in Warren Michigan. After earning a degree in Industrial Design Danny has worked for General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and countless engineering companies.

Danny’s love for the automobile is the highest among the most hard core car buffs. He pours himself into his paintings out of an overwhelming appreciation for vehicle design and his desire to capture an image in its most genuine form. His artistic ability is now well recognized having completed pieces for the likes of such famous personalities as comedian Bill Cosby and talk show host Jay Leno. Former industry leaders including former Ford Motor Co. Chairman, Alex Trotman and General Motors Robert A. Lutz have also commissioned his services.

Its not uncommon for an artist to possess many un-tap talents. Danny's degree in Industrial Design is a combination of applied art and applied science, whereby the aesthetics, ergonomics and usability of products may be improved for marketability and production. It so happen his love for the automobile takes first place in his creative life, however that love extends to other forms of design as well. This includes architectural design and home decor, Interior design, appliances, furniture video production, web design and more.

If you can dream it Danny can draw breathtaking artwork of your favorite cars. His work is printed on premium Luster cardstock. Its acid free with vivid rich colors for a lifetime of enjoyment. Guaranteed not to fade for 25 years and that's only if its in direct sunlight! With his high quality artwork, it deserves only the best in print media! The best way to hold on to your most cherished car memories! With a wide selection of car prints to choose from, you'll be highly satisfied with a genuine Danny Whitfield print! His automotive knowledge covers 37 years worth of engineering - styling and design experience.
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