Auxesis, established in 2015 and among the very first players in India focussing over building Blockchain solutions initially with the aim of research and development of the nascent technology while soon emerged as an enterprise grade Blockchain solution providing company with the help of partner organisations. With a global footprint, Auxesis is recognised among The 100 most influential Blockchain companies across the globe.

Over the years Auxesis has pushed Blockchain innovation across the globe with its focus on continuous research and building in production applications for enterprises. From Cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges and payment gateways leading to push into the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and so proving the reliability of a Blockchain network in terms of security and usability.

Auxesis is now deeply focussing on Private Blockchain solutions with its enterprise grade blockchain infrastructure, focused on production-readiness: security, performance and scalability. The Blockchain powers decentralised applications on a network tailored to the specific needs of an industry and use case.