Aviary Wire Mesh specialises in providing premium quality wire fencing and enclosure mesh products at affordable prices. This Brisbane based Australian company distributes durable wire mesh and fencing products to anywhere in Australia meeting a variety of barrier protection and enclosure needs. Whether it’s Black PVC coated wire mesh for an attractive yet hardy animal enclosure, snake proofing, vermin proofing or any other type of enclosure; Aviary Wire Mesh’s welded and hot dip galvanised wire mesh are suited for the job.

Available in small, medium, standard and larger aperture all galvanised mesh products are carefully created and thoroughly inspected to ensure they are of the highest quality and meet all specifications including AS 2343 (Australian & New Zealand Standard).

Wire Mesh Australia has a variety of select utilities and can be used to prevent unwanted movement of all sorts of matter from birds and reptiles to debris. This durable mesh can also be applied to protecting stained glass windows from damage.