Avila is consulting, technology, outsourcing, strategic staffing and local professional services. To use our expertise to the benefit of our clients and partners through an open, Collaborative approach. Join us. Enjoy the work.

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Welcome to AvilA Staffing Solutions
We understand that the success of each assignment begins in the initial steps
of the process, which is why you can expect us to talk with each member of
your company who is impacted by the new hire.
Then, we will create a position profile to ensure a crystal clear understanding
for your company's needs and the qualities of your perfect executive candidate
Areas of Expertise
IT Architecture — The underlying business IT
blueprint and governance mechanisms that enable
effective delivery of a client's core business processes.
IT Total Cost of Ownership — Assessing and reducing
IT costs in line with strategic priorities and managing
for sustained efficiency.
IT Governance and Organization — Defining IT
organization structure and alignment with the
business, including governance and IT management
IT Infrastructure Business Process Improvement —
Evolving current business process to better meets the
demand and growth of the organization via technology
enablement, best practice methodology and
organizational realignment.

Strategic Workforce Partner
• We address the increasing and changing needs of our customers through innovative
programs and valued added services
• We partner with our customers to provide mutual benefits
• We provide the highest quality resources available in the market place
• We treat our employees as customers, thus leading to satisfied employees who perform at
the highest level and provide the highest quality services to our customers.