At Avisa K9 Kennel we are committed to importing and breeding the highest quality lines of Belgian Malinois for police, military, sport and personal protection.  We are your elite Belgian Malinois Breeders.

The passion that we have for the Belgian Malinois breed inspires us to produce puppies with stable drives, clear heads, natural aggression and versatility.

A trained Belgian Malinois is well suited for use as a police K9, personal protection (or guard dog), military service or as a sport dog. We offer Belgian Malinois puppies for sale and they can be purchased trained or untrained.  All of our dogs are from European imports and come from some of the best kennels in Europe. Most of our K9’s are from KNPV lines.

We are based out of Miami, Florida and all of our Belgian Malinois breeding either occurs here in Florida or in Europe.

If you are in need of an exceptional breed of Belgian Malinois for police, military, sport or personal protection call AVISA K9 of Miami, Florida at (305) 297-3540