Be Savvy.  Be Creative.  Be Witty.  Be Intelligent.

Take a look at your website.  Is the content interesting and unique; or simple and lackadaisical?  Awesome Writer can fix that.  We will research industry trends that fall in line with your business to write content that is both engaging to your ideal prospects and that appeal to their level of understanding.

Plus, we’ll sprinkle a healthy dose of keywords within your web content.  Keywords help your site attract search engines among the millions of websites already in existence, many of whom are your competitors.  

Awesome Writer does:

*       Extensive Catalog Projects
*       Sales Writing
*       Web Content - Home Page, About Us, Section Headers
*       Adwords Campaigns
*       Articles for Online Magazines, Portals, Travel Sites and more
*       Ghostwriting - EBooks, Autobiographies, Scripts
*       Editing - Author proposals, novels, rewriting and book formatting
*       Logo Design - brochures, sales flyers, direct mail, etc.
*       Established Author with two books slated for 2009

We have a small team of three people to handle a wide range of projects - on time, with collaborative effort with your business for best results.

We have clients in six countries!  From the solo entrepreneurs to the Fortune 500 luxury style content - put the power of compelling words on your side.


Owner - Anne Violette
Creative Writer & Entrepreneur