About Us
Axestrack Software Solutions is big name in the term of GPS Tracking. Axestrack provides the best GPS vehicle tracking system and software. Axestrack understand your business and provide endless opportunities for you to grow. Axestrack is a fast growing GPS services provider and we have presence, both inside and Outside India. We believe in high professional integrity and ethical sales. We are customer obsessive and focus more than anyone else on post sales support. Our values and vision have helped us win customer’s satisfaction.

Why Axestrack
A high quality software conceptualised by a team of IIT engineers.
Endless Reports and Features to satisfy all your business needs.
Heroic Support, at Axestrack we put Support above Sales and proud of it.
All of the above features at highly competitive prices :)

Products & Services
Fleet Management: All relevant reports such as Overspeed, Stoppage, Route Player, Event Log.
Complete Route module: Alert and reports for route deviation, get expected time of arrival.
School Bus Management – Pick/Drop Message
Bike Tracking: Get Android app to track your bike.
Child Tracking: Android app and special device to ensure safety of your kid.
Android Messenger app: Install android app on your mobile and receive alerts at low cost.
Mobile Website: a User friendly and feature rich mobile website.
Android Mobile Tracking app for Employee tracking.
Pick and Drop Application
Android app
iPhone app
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