AxisPointe is a third-party provider of Quality Assurance and Risk management solutions for builders of single-family homes to high-rise residential condo projects of any size.

AxisPointe is the only company whose program provides advanced selection and promotion of forensic-based QA checkpoints and provides geographically-specific and risk-specific metrics for each project.

Every checkpoint is ranked according to risk, from 1 to 5 (5 being highest, life safety risks).  Every checkpoint includes a cost factor so builders can quickly determine their quality savings and program effectiveness. This information flows to all reporting features and provides builders with important measurable analytics regarding their projects, processes, trade partners, and staff.

AxisPointe’s technology platform also allows the builder to incorporate their own quality assurance metrics to be reviewed and documented right along with the forensic-based QA checkpoints.  At any time, on any building, you can add quality checkpoints to refine your QA objectives, focus on a root cause problem, or add accountability for trade partners and others in the field.

Using the powerful InSite Mobile® app, AxisPointe’s QA site audits capture construction’s best practices as well as highlight anomalies for immediate correction as warranted.  All digital photos and quality data are stored in AxisPointe’s proprietary cloud- based HomeProfile® system. We provide site audits of your ongoing construction at important intervals in the construction process which meet or exceed all known insurance company requirements.  

AxisPointe’s Quality Assurance program has been specifically endorsed or approved by insurance providers as a qualified third-party QA provider for new construction across the United States and Canada.

AxisPointe offers the builder, at no additional cost, access to the same quality assurance platform and complete access to an extensive library of over 5,000 quality “checkpoints”, based on root-cause analysis, to conduct QA/QC inspections in conjunction with our own auditing program. InSite Mobile® allows unlimited users to capture photos and verify construction quality throughout the day—every day.  Upper level managers can view into any job site remotely and see the construction progress in real time, without leaving your office.