We are a church whose sacrament  is Ayahuasca.
Welcome to Aya Quest Native Americas Church we use our sacrament of Ayahuasca to grow spiritually, to become better connected to all living things, and to achieve a higher level of conciousness and understanding.  

Ayahuasca holistic healing is really a lifestyle approach. The Aya Holistic approach goes far beyond the Mind-Body connection of finding and maintaining wellness. Overall wellness AND "wholeness" is highly valued. All parts of a person's life. Physical healing, mental health and wellness, emotional well-being, and spiritual beliefs and value) are touched. Taking an holistic approach involves seeking the tools that will help us attract our desires and find personal power. Ayahuasca is that tool.

A person who embraces the desire to find wholeness within his own being soon learns the importance of tending to relationships, caring for the planet and our environments, having compassion for humankind in general, and accepting and tolerating differences among a diverse population of people.

Ayahuasca opens up and accelerates this process of holistic healing, healing addictions, compulsive behaviors as well as healing physical problems as many problems are a result of being out of balence with ourselves and the world around us.

Our Medicine People take a Holistic Approach in our Ayahuasca Ceremonies that accelerates the process of becoming whole with ourselves and the world. Connecting to Source.
Please do not wait another day, there is no reason to suffer longer than you need to. The Healing begins when the commitment to Ayahuasca is solidified.

This is a news story about us - http://www.wlky.com/news/americans-travel-to-kentucky-to-try-spiritual-enlightenment-drug/39612276