Ayonix corporation is a Global Face technology company established in Japan.
Our company was officially founded in March 2007 in Osaka city of Japan by four people. When our company was established, we started Face recognition product development based on our own Face recognition technologies.
We provided our embedded face recognition products to Japanese companies such as Nippon broadcasting, Sanyo, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic. While we provided our technologies to Japan giant companies, we understood more about industry needs and meaning of product quality.
Based on this know-how, Ayonix started to distribute its Face recognition products to abroad companies and governments after year 2012.

Ayonix now provides more products which have more advanced features such as Gender and Age detector, Smile detector, sunglass detector, Face feature tracker and Full-HD Face tracker.

Ayonix's face recognition products can be used for access control systems, surveillance systems, computer security, banking, entertainment, law enforcement applications, customer management system and many more.
Ayonix face recognition technology and applications are fully developed by Ayonix R&D team and Application team. Neither outsourcing nor third-party licensing is done. We take advantage of this to fast respond customer needs.