Restore Your Concrete, Flagstone, Saltillo, Brick Patio and Garage Floors
Tucson, AZ  August 13, 2009   Southwest Design Flooring. LLC, is a full service flooring contractor.  They continue to develop innovative services and floor restoration techniques.      
They have developed new systems to restore old floors., a service of Southwest Design Flooring, has developed eco friendly systems using people friendly products to restore the original polished concrete in our baby boomer homes.  During the 40s and 50s, homes were built with colored concrete, colors that were timeless browns and reds.  The colors they used are neutral and still used today.  The colors still work well with contemporary or southwest design interiors.            
The restored concrete floors are always unique and have character.  Even with some old markings, signs of old tile, may still be evident, these restored floors glow with natural beauty.
After years of being covered with old tile and carpet, few people know that these beautiful concrete floors can be restored to near new condition.   Using various new methods these floors can be restored to the original color and sheen, according to Jack Langley, owner of Southwest Design Flooring, LLC.   Some concrete floors polish very well and do not need sealers.  
Other firms prefer to cover concrete with synthetic polymer and an artificial stone and tile looks.  Jack Langley, cautions consumers about the obvious, these synthetic coatings are not as long lasting and durable as polished concrete.   These treatments are also not as eco friendly as polished concrete.  
Many old tired Saltillo floors can also be restored to near new condition, using advanced power extraction systems.  Few contractors have the equipment and expertise to restore Saltillo as well and affordably as AzCleanTile.  
Jack Langley also says that his company also has combined methods to enhance the natural colors in Flagstone and Brick Patios.  When uses these methods on your flagstone and brick pavers, the colors will come to life with natural colors that you did not think was possible.  
Natural stones, such as Travertine and Limestone, should not be sealed without a deep power cleaning and extraction.  When uses the Turbo force extraction system to remove the deep down soil and pet contaminants, you know that your floor is as clean, sanitary and healthy as it can be.  
Any glazed ceramic or porcelain tile that has a rough surface holds more soil and pet contaminants that we would like to think.  The crews at can remove all of the embedded soiling and restore the clean and healthy tile you want to enjoy with your family.  
Ordinary tile cleaning service is also available at
Jack Langley