Founded in 1994 by Mac Bogert, after decades of teaching, staff development work, and curriculum design in a wide variety of fields AzaLearning serves over 150 clients nationwide.

Every session Mac designs for AzaLearning is research-based, innovative, and hugely interactive. There is no "death by slides" in Mac's work. Ever.

Azalearrning also provides extensive assessment work, either using market-available tools like the MBTI or Ntrinsx, or any combination of the eight original assessments under the AzaLearning logo:

The Multi-Source Feedback Instrument (MSFI)
Communication Style: My Impact on Others
The Solution Preference Inventory (SPI): Moving from Confrontation to Collaboration through the Use of Interest-Based Problem Solving
The Team Effectiveness Survey
Effective Meetings Inventory
The Values Instrument
How I Use my Energy at Work

Please visit www.azalearning.com to see what courses are currently offered, to download a free session aid on a variety of topics, or to sign up for the AzaLearning newsletter.

Mac's new book: Learning Chaos: How Disorder Can Save Education will be available soon.