Azigo Launches Beta

BOSTON, MASS. September 10, 2012. Azigo®, Inc., an angel-backed Internet startup has announced that it is launching the public beta of Azigo.com today. Azigo.com turns dealing with hundreds of emails and account relationships with your favorite companies into a fast, visual, enjoyable experience.

“Azigo is about marketing on your terms,” says Paul Trevithick, founder and CEO of Azigo. “In the brand/customer relationship every brand has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage their side. But what do you have to manage your side? With Azigo you decide what websites, companies and brands you want to hear from, and invite them to your place."

Azigo is a universal solution. Any company or site can email to your new @azigo.com address and when they arrive they’re automatically organized into a stress-free stream of images. It’s a bit like  “Pinterest meets email.” Nothing to delete. Nothing to file. With marketing emails in Azigo, they no longer overload your personal inbox. Now you can browse and enjoy a beautiful display of news, updates and deals from your favorite brands as well as share them with your friends.

Azigo was developed by a team of user experience designers, shopaholics, and software engineers who believe that by shifting control to the customer, the experience of interacting with marketing can be greatly enhanced.

People can signup for Azigo at www.azigo.com and begin using it immediately. They can instantly sign up to receive news and updates from hundreds of popular brands. Then, they can sit back and enjoy as all of their brand-related messages immediately appear in their Azigo stream.

For more information please follow us on Twitter: @azigo, like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/azigoinc, or contact Gabe Sterne at GSterne@azigoinc.com.